Lately you’ve been hearing it more and more around you; research chemicals. Whether you’re having a drink in the bar, or when you’re raving at a party, people name drop the word ‘research chemicals’ more and more often. But, what are research chemicals? And what effect do they have on you? You can buy research chemicals here.

Research chemicals (also known as designer drugs) are experimental products that are mainly being used for research purposes. Research chemicals are also being used by other groups of people, such as young adolescents, for experimental purposes. If they’re interested in the outcome of the chemicals, this will be shared with their friends at high speed via mouth to mouth advertising. We dont sell research chemicals online for human purpose. Who want to buy research chemicals is only allowed to use the research chemials for reseach purposes.

When it comes to molecular structure, research chemicals can be seen as ‘relatives’ to the more known hard drugs, such as coke, xtc and speed. The big difference here is that hard drugs are black listed, whereas research chemicals aren’t. Due to the fact that the molecular structure is differs from the above-mentioned products, it’s a completely different product which, due to this, also earns its own unique name. This is also the reason why you can purchase research chemicals legally, and the possession and selling of research chems isn’t punishable on grounds of the opium law.

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Research chemicals are rather unknown, which also means that there isn’t a lot of information about the toxicity of these products. This means that the risk of using these products is higher than the risk of the previously mentioned coke, xtc and speed. The effects of these drugs are well known, and with research chemicals, this isn’t the case. You can only buy Research Chemicals at our shop. You may not buy Research chemicals drugs purposes. To learn some more about research chemicals, please do check the following list:


  • 4 FMP/ 4 FA (Since the 1st of April 2017 this is sadly not seen as a research chemical anymore)/li>
  • 2C-CB/li>
  • BK-MDMB (Butylone)/li>
  • 5-APB/li>
  • 6-APB (Benzo Fury)



  • AMT – Methyltryptamine/li>
  • DTP – Dipropyltryptamine/li>


  • GBL/li>
  • BZP – Benzylpiperazine/li>

We (name website) do NOT sell research chemicals for the use of consumption. You can buy research chemicals for research, like the name research chemials says. The above-mentioned text is solely for informative purpose and its goal is to inform and teach the reader about research chemicals. We only sell research chemicals for research purposes and do not want to encourage anyone to use our research chemicals as party drugs. Please note that everything mentioned in this article is at your own risk.

Our assortment consists out of various research chemicals, including; 4fma, 3mmc, 6apb and more. Our products are available as a powder as well as in filled capsules. Our products are cautiously weighed to make sure the correct weight is in the capsule. Furthermore, it is clearly stated which product is featured, as well as which weight.

We offer several payment methods to purchase our products. When you purchase with us, you can pick Bitcoins, iDeal/Mistercash, Creditcard and other crypto currencies such as Ethereum as your main payment method. As you can expect from us, we ship/send our products discretely with PostNL. The products are packed with care in bubble wrap and packed in an envelope. The shipping time will take around 1-2 business days. The shipping costs within the Netherlands are 5 Euros. If you do not live in the Netherlands, no worries. We do ship international. The shipping costs in this case are 14 Euros.

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Purchasing our products is very easy and includes a smooth transaction process. We can proudly state that we only sell high quality products without adding extra ingredients. In other words: our products are 100% pure.


We deliver our products entirely discrete. They are being sent out in an envelope with bubbly plastic wrap, so they aren’t damaged. The delivery time is around 1-2 days.

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