What is it? 4-FA, also known as 4-Fluoramphetamine is a psychoactive product that sadly isn’t part of the research chemicals group since May 25th, 2017. This is also the reason why we do not offer this product. We do however offer an alternative to 4-FA, namely 4-FMA. You can read more about this product under the header ‘4-FMA’.

Buy 4-FA/ 4-FMP

We do however want to make use of this opportunity to buy 4-FA and provide you with some information about buy 4-FA. This product is namely an amphetamine, which is available in powder form and can be seen as a close relative to speed. Besides powder, 4-FA is also available as a pill and in as a capsule. The last years, the market demand for 4-FA increased in such a rapid speed, which lead to the point that it was banned from the market and blacklisted by the Dutch government. From that moment on (May 25th 2017) it is illegal to sell, own and use this product. You can buy 4-FA at our store.

History 4-FA reached the Dutch market for the first time in 2001. However, the actual product already existed for a while at that moment. It was discovered in 1975 by scientist Alexander Shulgin. At the time, the product was tested on animals. It was never tested on humans. Since May 2017 this product is black listed, which is also the reason why we do not offer it on our website or anywhere else.