What is it? 4-FMA, also known as 4-Fluormethamfetamine, is an alternative and replacement product for 4-FA/4-FMP. 4-FMA is a research chemical that is placed in the amphetamines group. 4-fluoramphetamine is a product which exists out of powder. Unlike 4-FMP, 4-FMA is a legal research chemical that can be purchased legally on the Dutch market when used for research purposes.

Buy 4-FMA

Like mentioned above, 4-FMA can be purchased legally as long as it’s used for research purposes then you may but 4-FMA. By working hard we can proudly announce that we offer a product which is 99% pure. We only offer 4-FMA for research purposes. You can buy 4-FMA at us. Our products are pure, not contaminated, uncut and only hold ingredients that fit the product. In other words; no extra ingredients have been added to the original and actual product.

History 4-FMA firstly gained interest in 2006, in Japan. Although 4-FMA was discovered around 2 years before, it wasn’t until 2008 when the product really became popular. Like many research chemicals, 4-FMA found its way to the Netherlands, where it becomes more and more popular.