6-APB, also known as 6-Aminopropyl or Benzofury, is a research chemical which became popular on Dutch soil in 2010. Since 2010, this research chemical became relatively popular among researchers. 6-APB is a powder which finds its roots in a crystal-like supplement, which often has a white colour. However, 6-APB can also be yellow-ish/light brown-ish. Furthermore, 6-APB has no smell or scent to it. Because the structure of Benzofury is slightly different than regular amphetamines, it is possible to offer, own and use this product (for research purposes only) legally.

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Even though 6-APB only became popular in 2010, the actual product has been around since 1993. Scientist and doctor David Nichols from the University of Purdue in Indiania, United States, discovered and produced it. The product was then used as a truth serum and other research purposes. Since 2010, Benzofury was produced in the United Kingdom and spread via the Internet with the statement that it’s not meant to be used by humans.